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Thank you to our Sponsors!

Updated: May 3, 2021

First, a big thanks and shoutout to the supporters that made this event happen:

And a few special mentions for sponsors and supporters:

  • Cooley LLP. Cooley's the leading technology law firm in the valley, and the Cooley team of John, Chelsea, Nikita and Pam contributed the pro bono work to develop the legal infrastructure for the event. They also sponsored the bootstrap prize to the winning team. John and Cooley have helped me incorporate, fund and run three different ventures over the last 12 years. If you are looking for corporate counsel, please call John or ping me and I will connect you.

  • Making Sense. Making Sense is a software development firm focused on UX and was an integral part of the event. Cesar and his team volunteered engineers, designers and product managers that joined the different corporate teams to round out the skill sets and make it possible to deliver live prototypes and product. If you are looking for a team to bring a new product to life, or extend the capabilities of your own product development org, please call Cesar.

  • 99designs. Tara, Laura and the 99designs team partnered with us to allow each team to extend their design capabilities with access to the entire 99designs network of designers, which turned in logo and web design in record time. If you are looking to do the same, please check out 99designs.

  • Rev. Mark, Josh and Kelley joined the event on almost no notice to provide expertise on localization and translation. Their participation allowed teams to explore concepts that involved different locations and ones that maximized accessiblity. We've used Rev extensively to translate all our videos and materials for many year, and we're grateful for their support.

  • Twilio. Ben, Charlie, Suprita are part of and Twilio's Project Big Shot, an effort to help vaccinate 1B people. They joined the event and provided telephony expertise to the teams using voice and SMS in their products and prototypes. If you need to build telephony into your product, please contact the team at Twilio to help.

  • The Bulleit Group. Leslie and the Bulleit group donated pro bono time to work on the structure and messaging of the event on very short notice. They've supported our commercial efforts exceptionally in the past and we were excited to work on a civic initiative together. If you are looking for help amplifying your message, please call Leslie.

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