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Finalist!, by Team Moderate

Updated: May 3, 2021

Using AI to defect anti-vaccine conspiracies

Designed by Team Moderate

Problem. The anti-vax movement and rising vaccine hesitancy are a big obstacle to Covid vaccination programs: 30% of the US public is not planning to get a vaccine, one in three people are exposed to Covid anti-vax messages, and 75-90% of the population needs to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity

Solution. We use AI to detect anti-vaccination sentiment and conspiracies. By detecting anti-vaccination sentiment, we can work to combat vaccine hesitancy.

  • Deep Learning. We use the latest techniques from industry and academia to provide a reliable classification on top of a fast API.

  • Quality Data. We use some of the most stringent heuristics to keep our datasets constantly updated and high-quality.

  • Diverse Labellers. We leverage experts and human labellers to have a robust dataset to train our ML models.

Distribution. The service is delivered by an API that can be used by social platforms, messaging services, etc.

Business. The freemium API allows businesses to upgrade to more robust functionality.

Demo & Discussion. Click here to view the video on Loom

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