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Finalist! Shield 10, by Team Make My Trip

Updated: May 3, 2021

An initiative to help accelerate vaccinations in local communities in India

Designed by the MakeMyTrip+ Team

Problem. In India, the government distributes vaccines for free to government hospitals and private hospitals. Government hospitals administer vaccines for free but are slow, overcrowded and unsafe. Private hospitals charge $3.35 cents to administer the vaccine. This $13 cost for a family of four is equivalent to several days of food and is beyond what 80% of the population can pay. Can members of the upper and middle class that hold 80% of the wealth of the country sponsor 10 vaccines ($8.30 total) for their country mates?

Solution. A SHIELD 10 app that helps people donate vaccines to people they know (or the general population) by sending simple vaccine codes via SMS that can be received by virtually 100% of the population that have feature phones. Private hospitals enroll in the program to increase their revenue by accepting codes as payment. Key metrics measuring success are the $ donated and the total number of people vaccinated with the program.

Distribution. Apps will be distributed by community management apps, NGOs, and clinics and private hospitals seeking to increase their revenue by accepting codes as payment.

Business. An administrative fee of 5% of each donation covers the cost structure that includes hosting, software development, payment gateway, and expense of signing up hospitals.

Demo & Discussion. See below

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