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Finalist! Plus One, from Team Disney

Updated: May 3, 2021

A vaccine appointment starter for your friends and family.

Designed by the Team Disney Plus

Problem. 25% of Americans (67 million) have little to no intent to secure a vaccination for themselves but are also highly affected by attitudes, social norms, and the trust in the attitudes of their family and friends.

Solution. PLUS ONE ( is a vaccine appointment starter for your friends and family. It starts with QR codes on materials that are distributed to clinics and other locations. Users can select their “plus one” and send them a link. The “plus one” gets the message, along with links to help them schedule their appointment.

Distribution. Cards with QR codes are distributed to clinics and other vaccine locations. QR codes can also be emailed to 127M people that have already received one dose. An API lets any developer plug in the “plus one” module. Finally, partnerships with companies like Uber and Lyft encourage drivers to count riders as their plus one, and give them a QR code during rides. Expansion opportunities include Plus One mobile vans distributing QR codes

Business. The business would be funded by contributions and grants. Expenses include marketing, program outreach to clinics, and general hosting and administrative.

Demo & Discussion. Click here to view the video on Loom

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