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Finalist! HERD, by Team Cience

Updated: May 3, 2021

Taking people who are on the fence, and pushing them over the top.

Designed by Team Cience

Problem. Vaccine apathy is limiting the path to herd immunity, and information alone won’t get the vaccine hesitant off the fence. There are vaccine hesitant people who are firmly anti-vaccine who’s minds won’t be changed, but there are also people that are open to vaccines that can be moved.

Solution. Herd makes it easy for vaccine influencers to encourage the people they know to be vaccinated via social mechanics, social pressure and standard messaging channels. Users sign up for the app and create their account, and import their address book. The main screen shows the users contacts, indicating which have been vaccinated and which have not. Users are encouraged to nudge friends to be vaccinated, and earn badges points and rewards for getting vaccinated. Friends upload proof of vaccinating and move into the vaccinated column. Users can see total people vaccinated in the community and country, and how their nudges can help. Success is measured by the number of “nudges” sent, the number of people reached, and the number of people vaccinated.

Distribution. Initial seeding of networks will be done via using donated use of Cience’s outbound platform, and via corporate sponsors that message their user base. Amplification happens via social media as initial users use the platform and encourage their friends.

Business. Costs include development, marketing campaigns, and a help and support team. Offsetting revenue includes corporate sponsorships and coupons.

Demo & Discussion. Click here to view the video on Loom

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