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Finalist! Covid Crushers, by Team Directly

Updated: May 3, 2021

A vaccination drive platform that rewards participants with free access to live events

Designed by the Team Directly

Problem. We’re tackling two problems. First, the live event industry has been hit hard - 95% of all events in 2020 were cancelled, 77% of people in the industry lost all income, 62% of artists are now unemployed. Most importantly, the industry wants to help the country get back on its feet, offering full support to the administration. The second problem is vaccine hesitancy. And the 25% of the population that are “on the fence,”concerned about side effects and other factors.

Solution. A networked vaccine drive that rewards participants with live events. People sign up, then earn points by getting vaccinated, more points by encouraging their friends to get vaccinated, and more for everyone their friends get vaccinated. They redeem points to get free tickets, VIP seating, and artist meet-and-greets. The platform offers the ability to target any geography or underserved population simply by starting with artists and events that are local and relevant to that community or population.

Distribution. Ads and social campaigns target vaccine promoters, while hungry promoters kick off social campaigns in order to drive awareness and revenue for their events.

Business. The business is funded by offering additional tickets for purchase, paid streaming access of live performances, corporate sponsorships and merchandising. Expansion opportunities across all live event platforms - NBA, NFL, MLB, Broadway Theater, etc.

Demo & Discussion. Click here to view the video on Loom

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