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How does the event work?

Early in the event week, you will get an email with all of the details and invitations to the app channels we are using for the event. 


On Thursday night, we log on at 6 pm PT and gather for an opening conversation with experts on the crisis. After the keynote conversation, we will gather in teams and start design briefs for the 99 Designs designer competitions and work out your team’s plan of attack for the following day. We have a template for you to follow, or you are welcome to forge your own path. The only important deadline on Thursday is that, if you want designers to pitch you logos, you need to submit your design briefs before midnight. 


Friday is for teamwork and you are the leaders. We have Miro boards set up for you to work through, or you are welcome to do your own thing in your own space. Staff and experts will be available for check-ins and tech support, and we hope that the teams will connect on SLACK to support each other. 


On Saturday, we all come back together to pitch the ideas to the judges and name a winner or two. Every feasible idea has a chance to be picked up and spun out, so don’t worry too much about the competition...just make your project great!

What happens with my IP?

This competition is about giving back to the cause, so all of the IP will be offered to the non-profit sponsor to further their cause. If a company has signed up as a team, they can choose to further develop their ideas in house and take home all of the IP that has been developed at the challenge. All logos created through 99 Designs stay with the project (if the project is moved to the sponsor for development, they keep the design, if it goes to a company based team, the company keeps the logo rights).


We further acknowledge that ideas are not IP, and that all conversations that happen at the challenge are meant to inspire creation. If something sparks you and you think you have what it takes to solve the challenge after the event with something that you create, we just hope you will remember us when you receive your Presidential Medal of Freedom.

What happens after the event?

Guaranteed: after the event is over, we will send you a follow up survey to see if you are interested in joining us again for a future challenge. 


Not guaranteed, but likely: we are hoping that one or more feasible ideas come out of this challenge that we can help build into a thriving solution through funding and support.


Not likely, but possible and wouldn’t it be cool if: after you map out your idea with us, and then spin it out into a worldwide solution, you are interviewed by TIME magazine for their cover piece and world leaders and captains of industry call you when they have unsolvable problems.

Will I get a job from this?

We make no claims or promises about future work, but you will be meeting fellow designers, engineers, and venture backed founders who make things happen. What happens next is up to you. Show them what you have to offer and make sure you know how to get in touch with your teammates when we’re done.

What if I can only attend one of the days?

The challenge is only 36 full day with a night before for prep and the next morning to pitch. We understand that things come up, even at the last minute. But, if you don’t think you can commit for the full 36-hours, we suggest you wait for the next challenge. Otherwise, it’s not fair to your team. We promise that we won't be offended and we’re pretty sure the world is going to keep having challenges, so just stay on our mailing list and catch the next Next Big Challenge.

What if I don’t have a team?

Not to worry, we will find you one.

What if I’m not a team player?

That’s a bigger problem. If that’s really the case, we’re probably not the right competition for you.

What if I work in more than one field (i.e. designer & growth marketer)?

We’re thrilled to have you, no matter your specialty. Just pick the field that is your favorite on the application.

When does it happen?

The next Next Big Challenge will start at 6 pm PT on April 15, 2021 and run through noon on April 17, 2021.

Do I need to have a BUTTER, SLACK, MIRO, account before signing up?

No. We will send you invitations that will serve to get you on the sites and access to the events and resources of the challenge.

What if I’ve never used any of the programs that you are using?

No problem. Everything is fairly intuitive (even my 80-year old mom has logged on) and we will have people there to help you. If you want to check out the platforms in advance, here are a few links to check out.

  • BUTTER - like Zoom, but better integrations and more fun.

  • SLACK - a simple messaging platform.

  • MIRO - this page is very dense, but you can skip to the videos which are a pretty good starter. 

  • 99DESIGNS - we will run 24-hour contests to build you logos, so any designers on your team can stay focused on designing the product.

Do I need to have an idea?

If you have one, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s also great. We have lots of ideas to spare and, if none of them spark your interest, you and your team will have time to brainstorm.

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